Rekey Locks Los Angeles

Re-keying Locks Los Angeles

Pick A Lock Service is among the most commonly practiced locksmith services in demand today. Often when you’ve lost keys or maybe your house or business has been broken into its easy to assume you might need to completely change out all of your locks. However, this is a common misconception. Completely changing out a lock is not necessary to make old keys obsolete. Re-keying changes the internals of the lock, rearranging the cylinder inside while keeping the outside lock intact and accomplishing the same goal. At Locksmith Los Angeles re-keying is our specialty!

Rekey Locks Los Angeles offers the same benefits as getting new locks in an easier way and at a much cheaper price. Changing the locks completely involves uninstalling the previous lock, buying a new lock and then installing that new lock. This can end up costing customers much more in terms of labor and on top of this the lock itself has to be acquired and paid for. Re-keying is more cost efficient because it uses the same lock that has been there but changing the internals to make it reject any old keys and act as if it is a different lock that accepts a different set of keys. Re-keying is one of the most common locksmith services used today because of its efficiency and usefulness.

Re-keying is often necessary whenever your home/business security has been broken into or tampered with. Also, if you’ve lost a pair of keys it is a very effective option to get your locks re-keyed because if your lost keys are ever found, that is possible unwanted access into your home or business that you don’t want, leaving you susceptible to break ins and burglaries. Re-keying locks is an extremely safe and sound option when it comes to making sure your locks are properly keeping you and your home/business safe. Rekey Locks Los Angeles is not only common within households and businesses, but also automobiles! Many customers after losing their car keys choose to get their doors re-keyed or the ignition system re-keyed to eliminate any potential threats by losing their original keys. This is often a very smart option to choose because if anyone finds your lost keys they have access to your vehicle and can potential do whatever they want with that access. Re-keying fixes all of these issues and eases the mind when it comes to losing keys! Give Pick A Lock Service a call for all of your re-key needs!

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